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Alta Sierra Nevada birding tours, California, Northern California birding hotspots. Sierra Nevada mountain birding, esp Lake Tahoe area and owl encounters. http://placerbirding.com/placercobirding.htm


Avian Adventures http://www.avianadventures.co.uk/
Birdfinders Birdwatching Tours http://www.birdfinders.co.uk/
Birding Southern California and Beyond with Martin Byhower, guide in Southern California, mainly in the greater Los Angeles area, which includes the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange. I guide in coastal areas (rocky intertidal, beach and even pelagic from shore), wetlands, coastal scrub and chaparral foothills,mountains, and grasslands in these areas. http://www.birdingsocal.com/
Bird Treks http://www.birdtreks.com/
California Target Birds, I am available throughout the week and holidays. I bird all of Southern California up to Owens Valley and the Mono Lake area--coastal, riparian, chaparral, montane, Southern Sierras, Salton Sea, East Mojave and the greater Las Vegas area. http://www.californiatargetbirds.com/
Daniel Edelstein, I offer full-day guide birding tours and guided birding trips throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, northern California, and central California. http://www.warblerwatch.com
EarthFoot's Birding Tours http://www.earthfoot.org/
Focus on Nature Tours http://www.focusonnature.com/
Fowlerope Birding Tours, Customized Birding Tours in Northwestern California and Beyond http://www.fowleropebirding.com/
Humboldt County Birding and nature outings, Northwestern California, with other areas also possible http://www.norcalnature.com/
Limosa Birdwatching & Wildlife Holidays Worldwide http://www.limosaholidays.co.uk/
Lisa Hug, I take birders and bird photographers around the San Francisco Bay area (specializing in the north bay area of Marin and Sonoma Counties). I also take people further afield in California. Here is the link to my website, please let me know if you need more information from me. http://www.lisahugsnorthbaybirds.com/
Monterey Seabirds http://www.montereyseabirds.com/
Michael Elsohn Ross, Naturalist Yosemite National Park http://www.yosemitenaturalist.com/
Nature Trip http://www.naturetrip.com/
Nestling Tours, Birding for the Whole Family http://www.nestlingtours.com/
Ornitour (italian birdwatching tour operator) http://www.ornitour.it/
Paradise Birding http://www.paradisebirding.com/
Searcher Natural History Tours, exciting options to bird the offshore waters of Southern California on multi-day trips from San Diego http://bajawhale.com/birdingtrips.asp
Shearwater Journeys http://www.shearwaterjourneys.com
SoCal Bird Guides http://www.sosensky.com/guides/index.htm
Southern California Pelagic Birding, Pelagic Seabirding Trips From San Diego to: 9-mile Bank, Los Coronados Islands, Cortes & Tanner Banks, Channel Islands http://www.socalbirding.com/
Southwest Birders http://www.southwestbirders.com/
Talon Tours, Custom California Tours http://www.talontours.com/
The Travelling Naturalist http://www.naturalist.co.uk/
Towhee.net http://www.towhee.net/
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours http://www.ventbird.com/
Wing Birding Tours http://wingsbirds.com/
Yosemite Naturalist, Michael E Ross, Yosemite National Park http://yosemitenaturalist.com/
Audubon Chapters with regular field trips:  
Altacal Audubon Society, Frequent Bird Walks and Birding Trips http://www.altacal.org/
Buena Vista Audubon Society,offers a wide variety of field trips each month http://www.bvaudubon.org/FieldTrips.htm
Central Sierra Audubon Society, regular field trips http://centralsierraaudubon.org/
Conejo Valley Audubon Society, regular field trips, The public is welcome to attend any CVAS field trip . http://conejovalleyaudubon.org/events.html
Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, monthly field trips http://esaudubon.org/birds/field_trips.htm
Eldorado Audubon Society, sponsors a number of birding field trips each month. On the second Sunday of the month we offer a walk at El Dorado Nature Center which is geared to teaching birding basics. We also have regular walks at the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. http://eldoradoaudubon.org/
Fresno Audubon Society, All Fresno Audubon field trips are open to the public. http://eldoradoaudubon.org/
Golden Gate Audubon Society, offers more than 100 field trips annually for birders of all levels. Our trips explore local areas from Golden Gate Park to the East Bay shoreline and hills, as well as such wildlife-rich destinations as California's Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada. http://www.goldengateaudubon.org/
Kern Audubon Society ,conducts two types of field trips:
-Tuesday Morning Bird Walks, visit special spots on the 3rd Tuesday morning of each month,
-Weekend trips, usually on Saturday, occasionally on Sunday mornings. We try to schedule at least two each month, to new sites, or to places we've visited before. We have made trips to Kern National Wildlife Refuge, Wind Wolves Preserve, Tule Elk State Reserve, Poso Creek, Lake Ming/Hart Park, the Kern Water Bank, Kern River Preserve, BHutterbredt Spring, Galileo Hill, Atwell Island Restoration Project, Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Carrizo Plain National Monument
Kerncrest Audubon Society, at least one field trip each month except during the hot summer. These are usually easy walks in scenic places where there is a likelihood of seeing several species of birds and other wildlife. The field trips are usually,  held on the third Saturday of the month. http://www.kerncrestaudubon.org/
Los Angeles Audubon, Field Trips and Birdwalks, Bird Walks are geared for the beginner/intermediate, looking for an introduction to bird watching or a less strenuous excursion. Bird Walks DO NOT require sign-ups or reservations, just show up at the published time and location. Bird Walk listings appear on this page following the Field Trip listings. Field Trips often require more time or effort, and delve more deeply into identification, natural histories and interactions observed in the field. All are welcome on either type of trip. http://www.laaudubon.org/
Madrone Audubon Society, Field Trips and Birdwalks, All walks and field trips are open to the public http://audubon.sonoma.net/calendar/
Marin Audubon Society, Field Trips are open to the public. Bring lunch, field guide, and binoculars. Information & Questions: Helen Lindqvist, 415-789-0703 http://www.marinaudubon.org/trips.htm
Mendocino Coast Audubon Society, Field Trips are scheduled on the second Saturday of the month from September to May.  Monthly Bird Walks at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, led by an MCAS member, are scheduled year round on the 1st Saturday at 9:00 AM, and the 3rd Wednesday at 8:00 AM, of each month. http://www.mcn.org/j/audubon/
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society, regular field trips http://www.montereyaudubon.org/
Morro Coast Audubon Society, Field trips are given monthly, and sometimes more than once a month. Everyone is welcome to join in, you do not have to be a member of the Morro Coast Audubon to participate. There is no charge for the trips, except for our annual pelagic trip, and any parking or gasoline sharing fees http://morrocoastaudubon.org/fieldtrips.htm
Mount Diablo Audubon Society , field trips are scheduled on various weekends and usually on a Wednesday or Thursday during the week. The field trips range from half-day outings to weekend trips to birding hot spots. Field trips are open to MDAS members and nonmembers alike. You do not have to be a birding expert: only one who enjoys nature http://www.diabloaudubon.com/index.php
Napa-Solano Audubon Society, Field trips are usually scheduled for the Saturday following the Second Tuesday of each month (i.e., Saturday following our Tuesday General Meeting). http://www.napasolanoaudubon.com/
Ohlone Audubon Society, Field Trips All field trips are open to participants of any skill level--beginners are always welcome http://www.ohloneaudubon.org/
Palomar Audubon Society , Seasoned birders or beginners are welcome to join us on our field trips http://palomaraudubon.org/fieldtrips.html
Palos Verdes/South bay Audubon Society , Monthly Birdwalks South Coast Botanic Garden,  First Sunday and Third Wednesday of every month.
"Best of the South Bay" Bird Walks with Martin Byhower, Third weekend (Saturday or Sunday) of every month
Madrona Marsh, Second Wednesday of every month.
Pasadena Audubon Society , monthly & weekly  birdwalks http://www.pasadenaaudubon.org/
Peregrine Audubon Society , monthly field trips: Everyone is welcome http://www.peregrineaudubon.org/
Point Reys Bird Observatory, On the first weekend of each month PRBO offers 2-hour birding trips to one of our research locations or other habitats in the North Bay. This is a great chance to meet our biologists, learn about regional birds and habitats, and discover some of the birding hotspots http://www.prbo.org/
Pomona Valley Audubon Society, field trips: 3 or 4 times each month http://www.pomonavalleyaudubon.org/
Redbud Audubon Society, monthly field trips http://www.redbudaudubon.org/
Redwood Region Audubon Society, Every Saturday: Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. These are our famous, rain-or-shine field trips at the marsh; take your binocular(s) and have a great morning birding. Also other field trips http://www.rras.org/
Sacramento Audubon Society,  You don't need to be a member of Audubon to attend field trips.  http://www.rras.org/
San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society, Field Trips and Bird Walks http://www.sbvas.org/
San Diego Audubon Society, local field trips http://www.sandiegoaudubon.org/
San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, Bird Walks and Field Trips http://www.sfvaudubon.org/
San Joaquin Audubon Society , Field Trips http://www.sfvaudubon.org/
Santa Barbara Audubon Society , 3 or 4 Field Trips every month http://www.rain.org/~audubon/
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society,  free trips for members and the general public http://www.scvas.org/
Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society,  regular field trips http://home.att.net/~cgbraggjr/
Sea & Sage Audubon Society,  many field trips each month http://www.seaandsageaudubon.org/
Sequoia Audubon Society ,  Visitors and guests are welcome! All trips are open and suitable for beginners unless specifically marked http://www.sequoia-audubon.org/
Sierra Foothills Audubon Society, field trips http://www.sierrafoothillsaudubon.com/
Stanislaus Audubon Society , All of the Stanislaus Audubon Society Fieldtrips are open to the public, organizes monthly fieldtrips to San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge located west of Modesto http://www.stanislausbirds.org/
Ventura Audubon Society , Check the newsletter on the website for upcoming field trips http://www.venturaaudubon.org/
Whittier Audubon Society, field trips are usually on the third Saturday of the month from September through June. The length of the field trips varies from a Saturday morning to a full weekend. We also hold "bird walks" especially geared for beginners, at Sycamore Canyon http://www.whittieraudubon.org
Wintu Audubon Society , You’re invited to join us on our SECOND SATURDAY BIRD WALKS which are held the second Saturday of the month at 8 a.m. from September through May. Second Saturday Bird Walks are open to the public. http://www.wintuaudubon.org/
Yolo Audubon Society , field trips http://www.yoloaudubon.org/
Yosemite Area Audubon , field trips http://mariposa.yosemite.net/audubon/
Big Morongo Canyon Reserve, Dee Zeller's expertise in bird watching has been valuable to visitors from many states and countries. He leads informative bird walks http://www.bigmorongo.org/
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Walks are free for Bird Observatory members; a nonmember donation of $10 is requested. RSVP before 3 p.m. the Friday before the walk to the Outreach Specialist or call 408 946 6548. Space is limited to 15 - 20 people http://www.sfbbo.org/
Santa Cruz Bird Club, sponsors birding walks in and around the county of Santa Cruz, September through May, Walks are free and open to the public http://www.santacruzbirdclub.org/
Amateur guides:  
Birding Pal California http://birdingpal.org/ca.htm
Je Anne Branca,  I guide in Southern Nevada, San Diego, California (winter only) I've been birding for over 30 years, amateur guide gann2ATcox.net
Maureen O'Reilly, San Francisco, amateur guide SatinTex@aol.com

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